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Wills - Everything you need to know:

Have you made your Will yet?

Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do. But it is often seen as a depressing
thing to talk about, or a difficult process. In reality a lot of our clients decide to make a Will after someone they know has died - the experience brings home to them just how important a Will is.

Will making can actually be quite simple, depending on the kind of advice you need. We have been making wills for our clients since 1888. Most people can find plenty of reasons to put off making a will, but here are a few reasons to make one, and to
make one properly:

If you don't make a Will, the law (and not you!) dictates where your money will go. And it is not always certain that your spouse, or even your children, will get your money in that case. What happens if you do not make a Will. We have also prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Wills

It costs far more to correct the mistakes in a home-made Will than it does to prepare a properly drawn up Will in the first place. If your family have to rectify an error in a Will (and it may not be as simple as a spelling error, it can be a simple misunderstanding, see my 'where there's a will' blog on this), it can cost £1,000s. By our reckoning the actual saving in making a Will at home is around £80, balanced against this risk of serious expense if it is wrong.

There are various different types of Wills which may suit your needs, depending on your financial and family situation. For example, if you have been married more than once and have children with each partner, what is the best way to ensure all of your children benefit fairly? Below are some of the main different types of will

I've also done a number of blogs on Wills including "Home made Wills and why you shouldn't do them", "Making a Will - how hard can it be?", and "Charitable giving"

Simple Wills

Isn't Will making a complicated business involving fusty lawyers, pink ribbon and wax seals? No! A simple Will is actually just what's needed for around 80% of our clients.

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Life Interest Wills/Child Protection Wills

These wills are often used to protect the interest of children from previous relationships.

It can also be suitable for people worried their partner may start a new relationship after they are gone.

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Property Trust Wills

This is very similar to a Life Interest Will but instead of leaving your residue or money into a trust, you leave your part in your home.

It depends on what property you own but is a popular choice for many of our clients

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Tax Efficient Wills

No-one wants to pay out any more tax than they have to, but unfortunately at the end of your life the risks of paying an enormous amount of tax are huge!

Your Will can help with this and our tax-efficient wills have saved our clients many many thousands of pounds in unnecessary tax

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