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Where There's a Will

Have you had your Wills checked by an expert?

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We know that some people choose to get their Wills in place by downloading “do it yourself” kits off the internet. We would always advise that you get these checked by professionals to make sure they are legally correct.

Our Richard Howard – Head of Wills, trusts and probate matters, has seen a number of cases where people have made their own Wills that do not adhere to the current rules and regulations.

We know people go to the internet to find advice, and we know that some people just want to download documents and fill them in themselves.

But Richard has seen many problems arise from people who have used ‘do it yourself’ Wills kits as they are not aware of the rules that could affect what happens to their estate. In the case of Powers of Attorney too, for example, there might be rules about who can make decisions and who cannot.

Richard has seen mistakes happen and it could take a long time, expense, and worry, to rectify these errors. When we’re talking about Wills and Powers of Attorney, the emotions can run very high too. It’s best to get things right, and checked, before problems occur.

Richard has set up a checking service, similar to passport checking services, where people can email or bring in their prepared documents and get them looked over by experts.

If you have made a Will without seeing a qualified Solicitor and want to get this checked, then simply call 01623 451111 for advice or to make an appointment.

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