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Where There's a Will

Life Is Busy… We’ve All Got A Long To Do List!


Whether you’re retired and enjoying life or a new (very sleepy) parent, we understand it’s difficult to pinpoint a time you will be free to get your affairs in order and make sure your loved ones are taken care of. That’s why we’re starting FREE Legal Drop-In Clinics in Sutton library. We can provide advice on anything from Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Care Fees, Probate and much more – so feel free to pop in and see us. We’ll be there starting our Drop-In Clinics on the 13th of October at 9:30am and we’ll be in Sutton library every other week from then onwards.

How can a Drop In Clinic help me?

You might be asking, I’ve never made an appointment before, why would I need to Drop-In? There’s a whole range of issues that could affect you and you may be blissfully unaware.

  • For example did you know a Will can also include Guardianship for younger children? This means that should the worst happen to you, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your children will be raised by who you chose.
  • We also can advise on Living Wills / Advance Decisions; not many people of heard of Living Wills, but they allow you to express your preferences surrounding treatment when you are unable to communicate, e.g. you can refuse treatments, or say which treatment you would prefer, or state you would not like to be resuscitated, etc. The Living Will is then lodged with your GP to hold on your medical records. To most these are not subjects we speak about with our family, so in a time of need, who would know your preferences?
  • What’s a Lasting Power of Attorney? A LPA for short, comes in two forms; (1) Property & Financial Affairs, where you appoint people to help manage your finances if you are unable to. (2) Health and Welfare, should you be unable to make decisions or carry out tasks, this allows you to appoint people to manage on your behalf. These can be pretty important documents, you want to appoint people you trust and it needs to be completed by a legal specialist.
  • When you or a loved one require care, applying and most definitely paying for Care Fees can be very stressful. Did you know the average cost of care in England is £604 per week? It can be a big worry to many families, but speak to one of our specialists and we can help you, either plan for the future or ensure you’re receiving all that you’re entitled to. If you find yourself completely confused by it all, Drop-In.
  • Lastly, Probate; when a person passes away, someone unfortunately, is left to wrap up their affairs. Usually this involves gathering in their assets (getting money out of bank accounts, selling shares and property etc) paying off debts and distributing the estate. But a Grant of Representation is also required. To understand more about this as it’s a based on an individuals situation it is best to speak with a specialist who can provide bespoke advice.


I know, there is a lot of information to take in – but we’re here to help

If you’ve read this and are feeling worried, confused or just unsure on what action you need to take, Drop-In. Our Free Legal Drop-In clinic is held every other Friday (from 13th October) at the Idlewells Library, Sutton in Ashfield at 9:30-12:30, there’s no charge but if you bring cake I’m sure we won’t say no. We look forward to seeing you there. If our Drop-In clinics don’t work for you but you’d like to make an appointment to see one of our experienced team then simply call 01623 45 11 11. If you want to find out a bit more about how we can help you visit www.fidler.co.uk

Thanks and hope to see you there! Richard.

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