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Will Writing Kit Costs Family


There has been another case of late where a Will writing kit has cost a family quite a lot of money (I think in this case it is hundreds of thousands of pounds), and an awful lot of upset and wasted time.  In addition to this, the wishes of the deceased cannot be carried out, which is a real shame. A well known bank has provided a cheap and cheerful Will writing service to one of its customers.  The Will itself is by all accounts fine.  It is some form of Property Trust Will (see here for more information about this). The customer was married, but had a Daughter from a previous relationship.  The intention was that his Daughter would inherit his share in his home, and the Wife would be provided for in other ways. A Property Trust Will is a good way of making sure that children from different relationships are not disinherited by a new spouse. But the tenancy of the property remained ‘unsevered’, meaning that when the customer died his share in the house transferred to his Wife and co-owner of the property. Now, it seems that his Daughter will not be receiving the inheritance her Father left for her. The bank in question has been ordered to pay some form of settlement to the daughter, but have so far refused to comply. I cannot imagine what the daughter is going through, and it is terrible that the Father’s wishes will not be carried out just because the Will writer made such a simple mistake. Making a Will is not expensive, but you must make sure that if you are having a Will drawn up that you are seeing someone suitably qualified and experienced.  A Will writing pack, for example, does not provide you with advice.  You may not even realise that you need it, but one of the main reasons for making a Will is to get peace of mind that what you want to happen after your death will happen, and in the smoothest way possible. If you would like to know more about making a Will, please contact a member of our Private Client team  on 01623 451111, or email rhoward@fidler.co.uk.

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