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Where There's a Will

Will v Intestacy


Most of us work hard throughout lives to ensure we have a comfortable retirement, that could be anything from  savings to a property that you own outright.  But have you thought what is going to happen to your assets (known as your estate) if you die? You have a choice – if you make a Will you can decide who you want to leave your estate to, it could be one person gets everything or you can make individual gifts. However, if you don’t make a Will you have no choice – who gets your estate is set down in a set of rules that can’t be changed.  Under the intestacy rules firstly all your estate goes to your spouse/civil partner – a common law partner has no rights.   If there is no surviving spouse/civil partner your assets are divided between your children equally – a step child who has not been adopted has no rights. Ultimately if you have no surviving spouse or blood relatives your estate will then go to the state. I know most of us don’t like the thought of making a Will because it makes us think of what might happen, but if you want some control over who benefits from your estate you need to make a Will. If you would like further advice please telephone my colleague Caroline hill on 01623 448320 to discuss this.   Rebecca Brough

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