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Where There's a Will

Making a Will

I’m sure everyone thinks about making a Will every once in a while, and thinks it is something to put off. There are lots of reasons to do that.  But there are lots to make one too. We are currently dealing with an estate where an elderly lady has left a substantial amount of money, but never made a Will. This means we have to look at the rules of intestacy to see who to distribute her estate to.  You can find a copy of the rules here. Her family situation means that we are tracing people up and down the country.  The lady died almost two years ago and we still cannot give a penny to anyone because we still don’t know which members of her family are alive and which ones we can find. It doesn’t matter that only two of them looked after her, and kept in touch after all these years.  They may only get a very small proportion of the estate in the end. The best way to ensure your money goes to who you want it to go to, and to make the process as quick and simple as possible is by making a Will.  We charge £115 plus VAT for the majority of Wills that we write, so it really isn’t too expensive. If you would like to know more about making a Will, then please contact a member of our Private Client team  on 01623 451111, or email: rhoward@fidler.co.uk.

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