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How can I protect my investment in a property?


We seem to be seeing a lot of clients buying property together, where one of them is putting more money into the property than the other person. This can happen for lots of reasons, such as one person simply having more savings than the other person.  Or maybe one person has come into an inheritance. The Risk It’s difficult to think about it.  But if you are buying a property in this way, and putting up all or most of the deposit yourself, do you want it back if your relationship ends? I think most people would say yes. The Solution To ensure that your deposit monies are protected, you should consider making a Declaration of Trust. They are usually quick and simple to set up.  And what they do is secure your investment in the property so that when and if you sell the property you can get your part in the equity back. You may never need it.  But when you are writing the cheque, or transferring the money for the deposit on your property, think how you would feel losing half of that money in a bitter break up.   For more information please contact Richard Howard on 01623 448 318 or mailto:rhoward@fidler.co.uk

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