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Where There's a Will

Changes to what happens when you don’t have a Will


For those of you who have not made a Will, you probably think that your estate would go to your Spouse, or children, if you die? This is not always the case, as you will see from our website.  You can find a guide http://www.fidler.co.uk/probate/will_without.cfm, which shows the current rules for what happens if you die without making a Will (‘intestacy’). It looks like there will be three main changes to these rules: The surviving spouse or partner still receives the first £250,000 and personal belongings absolutely, but they receive half the balance, so it is their own property. The remainder of the balance continues to go to the issue; Where a person dies intestate leaving a surviving spouse or civil partner but no issue, the surviving spouse or partner will take the whole estate. This is rather than sharing the balance, if any, with the deceased’s family such as their parents, siblings, or nephews and nieces; Where a child is adopted after the death of an intestate parent, the child will not lose their interest under the deceased parent’s estate even though under the Adoption and Children Act 2002 the adoptive parents are to be treated as the only parents of the child for all legal purposes. These situations might suit you.  But it is much clearer for everyone if you make a Will.</span> And if these situations don’t suit you, then you should definitely think about making a Will. If you would like to know more on this subject, please get in touch.

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