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Where There's a Will

Care Fees – What Not To Do


Former clients of ours attended our offices this week looking very scared and shaken. They had received a letter from Trading Standards in relation to their Wills and powers of attorney and ‘estate preservation trust’. I have mentioned these things before. There are Will writing companies out there selling these trusts for between £3-£4,000 as a sure fire way of avoiding care fees and protecting your home. They prey on worried and vulnerable people and persuade them to buy legal services that, unfortunately, are not usually worth the paper they’re written on. They give guarantees that their products protect your property or assets from care fees which are just not true. The clients had received a letter which included the following: “XXXXXXX’s salesman made bogus claims” – “people paid money to XXXXXXX but received nothing in return” “trusts offered by XXXXXXXX offered no protection from care fees, probate, or inheritance tax”. Our clients are now taking part in what has become a criminal investigation, and have had to spend even more money having documents drawn up properly. Imagine the stress on this elderly couple! If you are worried about care fees or your Will, please don’t be lured into buying a product from, at best, someone with no qualifications, or at worst a fraudster.  Please contact a member of our Private Client team  on 01623 451111, or email mailto: rhoward@fidler.co.uk

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