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Watching ‘The Descendants’ for the wrong reasons – part 2


As promised, my second insight into George Clooney’s recent film. Once again, I’m sure I’m not spoiling the plot here, but ‘spoiler alert’ just in case! A sub-plot to all the emotional upheaval regarding George’s wife is the sale of a huge chunk of Hawaiian land which has been held in a family trust for years.  The trust is coming to an end and George is the sole surviving trustee, answering to several members of his family.  Each of them wants to sell the land, but to different parties for different reasons. Acting as a trustee is a very tricky job, balancing your legal requirements with the demands of the beneficiaries. Fidler & Pepper often act as trustees.  For example we could be looking after monies held in a deceased parent’s estate for their young children, or even protecting family properties for future generations.  It is a difficult job, but sometimes families want the kind of protection that only a professional trustee can offer. In the film, George has personal reasons for wanting to accept one offer for their land.  I won’t spoil the end for you and say what he opts to do! But a professional trustee won’t have those kinds of personal issues.  They should not sway from the original intentions of the people creating a trust. Trusts are not something the general public tend to be familiar with, but they can be used for all kinds of reasons, such as safeguarding a property for your grandchildren.  Have a read of the attached flyer, and if you think some of the examples sound familiar to you, or concern you, then please feel free to get in touch for some Trust advice.

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