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Care Fees – what does the new White Paper propose?


Interesting news of late in the world of care fees. I’ve written before about the delayed response to the Dilnot report.  And I’ve written about what we expected the response to be a few weeks ago. It looks like we weren’t wrong. Finances are still completely ignored. One of the main recommendations of the original report was to put a cap on the amount of fees a person could pay if they required care.  Andrew Dilnot felt so strongly about this he even specifically mentioned this in his short letter to the Government enclosing his report. Essentially the White Paper seems to just lay out some general principles that the Government want to introduce.  It’s well thought out, from what I have read (it’s a 70 page paper, give me time!!), and most people will agree with the principles.  For example one principle is  “I am happy with the quality of my care and support”. Whilst the standard of care must be addressed, the financial side must be considered too. If you are struggling to understand care fees, or are worrying about the possibility of having to pay them for yourself or on behalf of someone else, then please get in touch.

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