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Accidents will happen

Is everyone out there a greedy claimer?

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Why is there a compensation myth?money

We are told that the UK suffers from a compensation culture. Injured people are just grabbing at monies and it’s bringing the economy down. This is to be compared with Companies* running multi million pound industries claiming  inflated hire car costs and repair fees against each other, with at times the Insurers themselves joining in though associated companies.

So is everyone out there a greedy claimer? It seems not.

A recent survey** found

·        Over 4 in 10 people who have suffered a specific type of non-fault personal injury have not made a claim for compensation

·        Personal injury victims who do make a claim do so in order to right financial and emotional wrongs, rather than to take advantage of the UK’s supposed compensation culture

·        81% of injury sufferers have used compensation to offset their own lost earnings or costs, with 57% saying that they have had to make significant changes to their lifestyles

·        over a third (37%) of the British adults surveyed would be worried about how much a claim might cost in terms of legal fees

·        Accident victims who have not claimed are “silent sufferers” and are not getting the support they need to meet their monetary concerns or help with adjustments to their lifestyle

·        Respondents to the survey also said that in the event of a personal injury they would be most concerned about the impact of their personal injury on their close family, with partners (67%) and children (53%) most likely to be affected

Costs are frequently a worry for injured people and insurance companies love to ramp up those worries and have done so in the last years with great success. Since April 2013 the cost situation has become a lot easier.

Basically, this is the advice:

·        If you don’t win your case, then you don’t have to pay anyone anything

·        If you do win your case, then you may pay up to (but no more than ) 25% of your compensation towards your own solicitors costs

·        The only times you are exposed to any worry about costs are if you don’t tell the truth about your claim, or fail to accept an offer from the other side that turns out to be enough

·        Don’t suffer in silence, get some straight forward expert advice from a solicitor direct

·        If someone hurts you, you may be entitled to be compensated

For more information about compensation claims please call Russell Jones on 01623 451111 or visit www.fidler.co.uk/personalinjury

* OPOKU v TINTAS [2013] EWCA Civ 1299,

** National Accident Helpline – Populus survey

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