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As a brief introduction, I’m Matt Slade – head of the conveyancing department. I’ve blogged in other parts of the the site but this is my first on the fidler blog.

We often get asked whether it matters if you use a local solicitor or one in another part of the country. I sit both sides of this fence so will try and provide a balanced view rather than push one point of view.

Our clients do not need to come into the office for any part of sale or purchase – no exceptions.

However some clients prefer to come into office for a host of reasons eg they prefer listening to someone rather than reading a report.

If a client wants to come into the office then we’d normally only ask them to come in in relation to their purchase (we don’t normally ask clients to come in at all on a sale only) and then it would be to go through contracts and documents on the purchase. They get to meet us face to face and ask questions that may have been on their mind.

If they choose not to come in then we prepare a written report  on the property that someone is planning to buy – a lot of people prefer this because they can read it at their leisure and they’ve got it in black and white what we’ve said – sometimes after leaving our office they might not remember everything they were told. Also meeting a solicitor can be overwhelming so sometimes it is better to settle down with a cup of tea and have a good read of the documents in your home without time pressure. If you are unsure then you can talk to person who drafted the report by email/phone. Another argument in favour of the remote idea is that that time off work is for holidays and spending time with the family rather than visiting stuffy solicitors (we aren’t stuffy).

Personally I prefer to listen but my wife prefers to read so she reads the stuff out to me and we are both happy!

It boils down to the service you want to experience and  the premium you put on your time.



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